Alpha State was a projestic[clarification needed] melodic trance project from Finland that made headlines in 1999 with their hit tune "Into The Ether". Alpha State was a pet project of Jarl-Goskar Jobs, who started releasing singles on the Finnish record label Spinefarm at the age of 15. Jobs was the first person in his community to own and operate a computerpowerful enough to create trance melodies, which he harnessed to create many of his songs such as "Into The Ether", "Helixx - Riser", and "Pineapple Heights".

History[edit] Edit

Jarl-Goskar Jobs was enlisted by the Finnish army in 1992, where he studied urban combat tactics and the operation of heavy weapons. During his service for the Finnish state, he acquired a heroin addiction. When he was released with an honorable discharge, he took his habit with him back home. Unable to function in the music business as a result of hisopiate addiction, he went on a journey of discovery that would ultimately lead him into filmmaking and finance.

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