A small rock group from Euclid, Ohio. Beginning in January 2004, Averis consisted mainly of Patrick Mulholland (Drums/Bass/Vocals), Mike Maroli (Guitars/Vocals), Jake Tanner (Guitars/Vocals), and Mike Toth (Drums). The band also had help with the talents of Chris Mazzolini (Guitar), Richard Jackson (Guitar), Bob Insana (Bass), Winstin Thomas (Bass/Vocals), Eddie Luikart (Bass/Vocals), and Korry Collins, Ben Terrell and Gabrielle Ruberto (all Vocals).

The band played around Euclid and Cleveland for several years until 2006. When their first album Look at the Lights was cut. Only a few copies of the band's first album were made. Recorded & Produced at Lava Room Recording Cleveland, Ohio, the band kept the album under wraps. In the winter of 2008, the band again began work on another project, which turned into the production of the 2009 album On Angels Wings.

Currently, Averis is on a small hiatus as of 2010. Patrick Mulholland is currently with the United States Army, and Jake Tanner is currently working with We Fight fr Glory (aka Dead Last November). No one knows if there will ever be a reunification, but only time will tell.

Discography Edit

  • Look at the Lights (2006)
  • Live at the LCH (2007)
  • On Angels Wings (2009)
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