Chrism and Fenris are an experimental electronic band from Perth, Western Australia.

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Biography Edit

Forming in 2001,[1] Chrism and Fenris are notable for their circuit bending approach to retro computing electronic music. Using rewired and custom programmed Commodore 64's, a custom programmed Game Boy Advance and other musical equipment, they create improvised chiptunes and Game Boy music.[2][3] Their music has been described as "immersive, engaging, hypnotic and unique."[4] and "more hip-hop these days, with a few genuine rhythms amongst the Atari Teenage Riot endings."[5]

In 2004 Chrism and Fenris was featured as part of the lineup at the Electrofringe Festival in Newcastle, New South Wales, and the Straight Out Of Brisbane festival in Queensland.[6]

In November 2005 they each provided a remix for the Superengine debut EP, Triangulation.[7]

Chrism and Fenris were nominated for the Best Live Electronic Act WAMi award in 2005[8] and 2006.[9]

Band members Edit

  • Chris McCormick
  • Paul Eterovich
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