ConFused5 is a vintage retro-rock band from Salzburg, Austria. The band is signed to the internet-based record label Sellaband and is the sixteenth artist to reach the $50,000.00 mark in earning a professional recording contract.

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Personnel Edit

  • Markus Melms: lead guitar
  • Alexander Kranabetter: rhythm guitar
  • Herbert Hopfgartner: lead vocals, keyboards, wind instruments
  • Kurt Breidler: lead vocals, bass guitar
  • Peter "Beda" Bachmayer: drums

History Edit

Markus Melms, Alexander Kranabetter and Herbert Hopfgartner started playing together in 1981 in the band Frust.

Melms reunited the original bandmates, joined by Breidler and Bachmayer, to form ConFused5 in 2003.

Sellaband Edit

Nine months after uploading their profile on the Sellaband platform, ConFused5 became the sixteenth artist on the label to earn a recording contract.

The debut album, entitled Out Of Confusion, was produced by Pete Strobl. It was recorded at Sonic Flow Sound Studio in Salzburg and mixed by Ron Hitchcock and Pete Strobl inLos Angeles, California. The album consists of original songs. Two of the titles, Puppet Of The World and Because Of You, were written in the eighties and performed by Frust.

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