lowercase is a band from Palm Desert, California, led by Imaad Wasif on vocals and guitar and Brian Girgus on drums.

The band put out 2 full-length albums on the Minneapolis label Amphetamine Reptile before recording their last LP for Vern Rumsey of Unwound's label, Punk In My Vitamins. After recording as a duo for their initial batch of singles and first LP, All Destructive Urges Seem So Perfect, they added bass player Justin Halterlein for their next LP, Kill the Lights. His short stint was followed by them recruiting bassist Tiber Scheer from the band P.E.E. Scheer played on their last LP, The Going Away Present.

The band moved from Palm Desert to San Francisco in 1996 and stayed there until they disbanded in 2000.

Tours with Sebadoh, Karp, Unwound, Hovercraft, Caustic Resin, The Lies, Faith No More, and Chokebore helped gain them a national as well as international following. The founding members of the band went on to various solo projects as well as playing in the The Folk Implosion, Track Star, The Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's, Wooden Shjips, and many others.

Wasif and Girgus currently reside in Los Angeles, while Scheer relocated to Chicago.

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