Madame Hooligan is an American indie rock band formed on Christmas Day in 2007[1] by Radu Almășan, David Ballon and Andrei Cebotari. Radu, previously known in his native Romania as the lead vocalist and songwriter for Bosquito, had recently moved to Los Angeles and began performing as soon as the band's formation was complete.[2]

In this period, Madame Hooligan gained recognition on the local Los Angeles scene for being a new band worth paying attention to, evidenced by being voted, "LA's Artist Of The Month" by Deli Magazine in June 2008.[3] The band later headlined the famous House Of Blues on Sunset Strip,[4] and played numerous local and national concerts throughout the United States.

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  • 2 Departure To Europe
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Debut Album Edit

Having caught the attention of notable local and national producers through the response of their numerous concerts, Madame Hooligan began recording their debut album Antiheroes, which was released worldwide in 2008.[citation needed] The release attracted international interests, leading to the band's eventual return to Europe.

Departure To Europe Edit

Madame Hooligan was invited to perform a number of European showcases and concerts by Romanian concert promoter Livehouse Booking,[5] which led to the band gracing festival stages in Romania, England, and The Netherlands during the internationally renowned Eurosonic festival.[6] The European line-up of the band, however, did not feature the founding members Andrei Cebotari or David Ballon, who had amicably parted ways with the group previous to departure.

Members Edit

Official members:

  • Radu Almășan—lead vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
  • Austin Jesse Mitchell—bass guitar, synth bass
  • Benjamin David Erdreich–electric guitar
  • Dorin Tapu—Drums

Founding members:

  • Andrei Cebotari–Drums
  • David Ballon—Electric guitar

Discography Edit

  • 2008: Antiheroes

References Edit

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