Sa Razza is one of the first hip hop crews from Sardinia, Italy. Their first track "In sa ia" (1992) ("In the street") was the first rap track inSardinian. On their debut album "Wessisla", they merged influences from G funk, Chicano rap and other Latin styles with their Sardinian and Italian rhymes. Their second album, "E.Y.A.A.", was almost exclusively in Sardinian and musically less close to American rap music. Two members of Sa Razza, Micio P and Quilo, also formed a rap duo called Malos Cantores, another group dedicated to Sardinian rap.

Members Edit

The original members were Quilo and Ruido. The current members are Raio, Micio P, and DJ Nike. Edit

Discography[edit] Edit

as SR Raza

  • 1996 Wesssisla Undafunk Records

as Sa Razza

  • 2001 E.Y.A.A. Cinenova/W'n'B
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