Sateliti is a Bosnian Root music group formed in 1989. Today they are the most popular root music group in Bosnia. The original singer Muto, is still with the group that he formed, he is the main vocalist.

The original members were: Muto, Miki "Violina" and Carka. Carka was killed during the Bosnian war and it is believed that Miki violina just left, but what really happened with him is unknown. As of 2003 the members include Muto as the lead vocalist, Aziz as the violine player, Edin as the keyboard player and Hazim as sargija and sometimes they invite Amela to sing as the female vocalist, but all of them except Amela can play all those instruments.

Discography Edit

  • To je zivot pravi (that's the real life) - 1989
  • 1990-1991/2 unknown if they released any albums
  • Ratne pjesme (war songs) - 1992-1995 (not really an album, but songs about war and war heroes in Bosnias army)
  • 1996-2001 unknown if they released any albums
  • Kad bi znala moja zena-Studio Kemix (if only my wife knew) - 2003
  • Kad bi zena ko svalerka bila (if my wife was like a mistress) - 2004
  • Gori mi pod nogama (its burning under my feet) - 2005
  • Volim zene (i love women) - 2006
  • Nikad Nisam (i never did) - 2007
  • Selam Podrinju-Studio Kemix (greeting to podrinju) - 2002
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